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Wendy Murphy, a former medical researcher and radiology technician at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children, is an inventor and president of W. Murphy Enterprises Inc.

She designed and developed the world's FIRST evacuation stretcher for infants. The WEEVAC line of innovative evacuation equipment is used by hospitals, Nursing homes, chronic/long term care facilities, EMS/Rescue, firefighters, Embassies and other public buildings where mass evacuation may be required.

The concept for this unique stretcher came to Wendy while watching news coverage of the devastating Mexico City earthquake in 1985. She realized that no appropriate evacuation stretchers existed for young children. The first WEEVAC 6 stretchers were sold to Hospital for Sick Children in 1987. 
Wendy Murphy has received three National Awards:
The prestigious Manning Award for Innovation
The National Research Council of Canada, 75th Anniversary Award for Outstanding Innovativeness in Medical Device Technology
The Sir Joseph Flavelle Award for Technical Innovation, presented by ORTECH INTERNATIONAL

She is featured in a handful of Canadian school textbooks as one of Canada's Inventors and "Problem Solvers". You can read more about her inventions in books - such as CANADA INVENTS released by OWL PUBLICATIONS.

Wendy Murphy is a Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torchbearer.

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