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Infant Evacuation Stretcher System
Evacuation Stretcher System, for adults and older children.
Patient/Carry, general use and large model.
WEEVAC Transport Incubator Cover
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The WEEVAC TC is designed for adults and older children. It has proven to be invaluable in the fast and secure evacuation of hospitals, nursing homes and chronic care facilities.

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Its one-piece construction is fully adjustable to snugly and securely cocoon patients of any size in a heat insulating, protective layer of waterproof mylar laminated vinyl.
A special fabric covers the bottom to facilitate sliding patients on all floors and stairs. The WEEVAC TC is only as wide as the patient, essential in narrow hallways and stairwells. Two long front straps allow your staff to face forward while pulling the patients to safety. The rear straps help staff negotiate corners and to control the speed during a sliding descent on stairs.
The WEEVAC TC cocoons a patient in a heat insulating, waterproof system that provides secure storage for a patient's chart and any additional equipment. The blanket has no handholds to facilitate carrying a patient, cannot protect or secure a patient's equipment and is not weather proof.
Weight ............5.2 lbs(2.35kg)
Length open...13 ft.(396.5cm)
Width.................29 in.(74cm)
Roll Diameter.......5 in.(13cm)
Load Capacity...300lbs(137kg)
18 oz Mylar laminated vinyl

Exceeds stringent requirements for The Hospital Textile Flammability Performance Requirements CGSB CAN 2-4.162-M80

Conforms to the California State Fire Marshal Code NFPA-701
Each Set of Five is delivered with:

- large storage bag, 
- five SnapLights, and 
- one training video (per order).

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